In the United States, asphalt shingles have long stayed the most well-known roofing material. However, just because they are popular does not mean they are the only option. More and more people are searching for alternatives, whether because they want an eco-friendlier option, a material that provides better durability, or a unique aesthetic. 


An asphalt shingle roof is affordable and versatile. However, it isn’t for every home. Thus, if you are considering installing a new roof, such as wood shakes or metal roofs, here are a couple of great alternatives to think about: 

Wood Shakes 

It’s difficult to beat the natural beauty of a wood roof. The appealing and rugged look of wood shakes will offer any house a special appearance. Aside from that, wood is very durable. However, it does have higher maintenance needs compared to other materials.  

Wood roofing comes in 2 forms. Irregularly cut shakes and uniformly cut shingles. They last around 2-3 decades. However, they don’t last as long as a couple of other materials. Naturally, they are an excellent insulator that lowers heating expenses in winter. They’re susceptible to rot, pests, and fire.  


It is a classic and timeless choice. When it comes to roofing, the gold standard is slate. It’s mined in quarries, manually cut into various geometric patterns, and is available in a couple of colors and shades. Slate constitutes a fire-resistant and durable roofing system since it is basically a stone. This type of roofing material can last up to more than 10 years.  

For those who don’t know, slate is extremely hard to install. That is why they are extremely costly. Slate will add a lot of value to your property. However, you have to ensure it is installed properly first.  


In the residential roofing industry, metal roofing is slowly becoming more and more popular. It boasts a much longer lifespan compared to asphalt shingles. In addition to that, it offers better resistance to the elements. Furthermore, metal roofing is ideal for enhancing energy efficiency because of its ability to reflect thermal heat. You shouldn’t worry about the aesthetic aspects of metal roofing. Nowadays, metal roofs come in a huge variety of designs that can copy old-school materials and fit almost any home design.  

When it comes to longevity and cost, metal roofing is comparable to wood. However, it is a lot simpler to maintain. The reflective surface of metal roofing makes it extremely eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The one drawback of metal roofing is that it can get quite loud during a hail storm.  


Of course, we all know that tile roofs cost a lot more when compared to asphalt shingles. However, they can last for a lot of years. In addition to that, you can save a lot of money on your cooling expenses because the curved shape of the tiles enables excellent circulation underneath. Just like any material, they also have some disadvantages. One of the most popular drawbacks is that you can’t walk on the roof because of impact damage.