Having an old furniture that only clutters our basement, attic, or home is pretty normal. Eliminating such furniture is challenging since it is usually too big to throw out with curbside trash. Below are some helpful tips to remove old furniture successfully. 

Sell it online 

You can try doing this in shopping stores online such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. You only need to take some photo of it, know you’re your furniture’s measurements, and then post them online. You should consider to price your items realistically and reasonably. 

Place it on the curb and create a signage that indicates “free.” 

You can do this method the day before throwing away your trash and wait for the lucky person who really needs your item. You can then give it away to them for free. However, refrain from leaving it out for too long. 

Donate items for a great cause 

Non-profit organizations need some donations all the time, even furniture. Choose the charity you’ve decided to help and ask them whether they are willing to accept and utilize your preloved item.  

Have it revamped 

If you are in for a little project, you can revamp your old furniture to make it look like new and attractive to your buyers. Your chair or sofa might just have to be refurbished. After some work and styling, you might make your new all-time favorite ones  

Store it 

Though this isn’t recommended for everyone, however, if you have some furniture pieces, you would love to save them for your next place to live in or for the future generations. If this is your case, then you should search for a local storage company that offers storing services with a reasonable fee per month. 

Haul them away using junk removal services 

You can consider to look for a hauling company that’s willing to take your used furniture. Rest assured that they will offer estimates for free, then eliminate and haul away your items and then clean them after. Then, they can help you dispose such items properly and responsibly. 

Have a yard sale 

Though most of us recognize the Internet as our go-to place to upload and sell unwanted things, a yard sale can still draw a number of crowd. 

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