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Doi Hom Fha Resort
  The next visit is the rice fields cascading from the hills to the valleys. It allows you to see the scenic view of the clear water reflecting the blue sky. Scattering around the field are water buffalos pulling a harrow through the mountain soil. During the period between July and August, farmers will go through the paddy pulling seedlings up and burying them beneath the mud. The golden rice fields are prevalent scenery in the area since the middle of September definitely contributed to the fresh and romantic landscape of our resort.
The rice harvesting in October is an attractive activity for observation. Farmers use their right hand to hold a small sickle, which is concealed from the rice plant so as not to frighten them. Then, each stalk is cut individually and transferred to the left hand. Traditionally, the person doing the threshing received one stalk from each bundle.

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