Regardless of how well-written or well-designed your flyer is, it will still be inefficient once you do not hand it to your target audience. As great design and content is vital when it comes to flyer campaigns, you also need to consider having a great distributions technique that can allow you to get to the right audience a lot more effectively. Here are some of the methods you can apply once you try to distribute flyers. 

Person to person 

If you wish to have a proactive method that can elicit high engagement with your clients, person-to-person distribution technique is perfect for you. People tend to find it hard to say no to someone who hands out flyers. Thus, this upfront approach will enable clients to relate with your brand a lot more. 

Leave a stack in places that are high in traffic 

If you leave your flyers in high traffic places, it can guarantee that they will be recognized. We recommend you to leave your flyers in waiting areas with high traffic like train platforms, bus terminal, bus terminals, or lounges. 

Direct mail marketing 

If you want to have a fast delivery of your flyers, you can actually mail them to the address of your customer. Take advantage if the database you have about your clients’ addresses whereabouts, most importantly when it has physical addresses. This method is really ideal if you want to promote your brand beyond and within your place. 


You can create great relationships with businesses near you, particularly once their brand relates to yours. Guarantee them that both of you will benefits if you collaborate with business-to-business method. You can both make a simple arrangement by displaying their flyers at your cashier counters and vice versa. 

Door to door 

If you happen to be a local business that’s searching for ways to give out your flyers within your vicinity, the best approach would be door-to-door distribution of flyer. You can simply walk around your neighborhood and leave your flyers at the letterbox or doorstep of your target market. Even though this strategy extremely cheap, it would need tons of manpower and time. This method would be ideal if you want to promote your brand locally. 

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